Viajes de Lujo en Andalucía

Corporate Social Responsibility

Andalusia is green!

Door to door travel has a commitment to respect gaiga

In the company we are aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the active traveler in a framework of sustainability with the environment, all without compromising the capabilities and needs of future generations.

  • We join in favor of a social movement of the tourism phenomenon, promoting the development and application of business management. We try to minimize the negative impacts of tourism activity and thus increase the benefits of the receptive population of our services.
  • We have specific control mechanisms and instruments, based on cultural, social, economic and security variablefor each destination. We request certifications and guarantee seals from our collaborating companies so that they comply with the ethical codes and the policy of environmental conditions authorized by the regulatory entities of the State.
  • We want our clients to have Lifestyle values when traveling, to love nature and protect the environment, to respect local culture, laws and traditionsand, above all, human rights, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, skin color, origin, ideology or religion. All this within a context of security, tranquility, confidence and health health for these times we live.
Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Personas

We collaborate with companies that work for and with the environment, we are not only tourism creators, we are also committed travellers and we promote accessible, eco-sustainable and supportive tourism, we help and donatepart of our income to Foundations, Associations and non-profit NGOs.