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Frequently asked questions

We run tours every day in the eight destinations of Andalusia. Visit our home page and select the Tours, Experiences, Author Travel or Company Incentives that best suit your tour.

Yes, you can find the packs in our Special Offers section or request them through our contact channels.

Our Private Tours are limited exclusively to you or your designated group of family or friends with a maximum of ten people. They are designed to provide a personal and very attentive experience, with learning that is completely tailored to the tour and tour attendants. Private Tours have greater flexibility in scheduling, the ability to customize your itinerary and share more experiences with your guide.

Our Small Group Tours follow the same itineraries as our Private Tours, but group travellers are limited to a maximum of 14 to 30 people. They are designed to provide the opportunity to interact and share your visit with other travellers, with the prior consent of all parties and with updated controls and protocols, recommended for families and groups of friends. When registering for a tour we will inform you of the minimum number of places available, the price and the details of the participants in the group.

Our Special Tour is the most exclusive of our tours. It is created and designed for you, your family, a group of friends or the employees of your company. In the company of your official guide, licensed and PhD and heritage interpreter, you will enjoy the Alhambra and the Generalife, the Mosque of Cordoba or the Reales Alcazares of Seville without any company.

Yes, it is possible to buy tickets on your own initiative without the mediation of an agency, you can buy them here.

Yes, Door To Door Travel & Tours provides the service of purchasing tickets for the Alhambra and other monuments in Andalusia if you request it, but there is an additional cost in the final price of the purchase for the processing and management of the tickets.

Yes, it is possible, as long as it is done in advance and with availability. Our Agency’s policy is always to give the client what they are looking for and want at all stages of their stay or trip.

With regard to accommodation, if you have made a reservation in an Apartment or Hotel, it will be by means of the offers accepted when contracting the service and the cancellation conditions of these establishments on the dates requested.
With regard to the trips, in the case of the Author’s Travel circuits, when the travel contract has been made, for the full refund of the same, we will refer to our General Conditions of the Package Travel Contract, in section C (Rights and Obligations), points 13, 14, 15.

Yes, you can join a small group or an organised group, but it depends on factors such as availability and whether the Nasrid Palaces times of your ticket match the times we have available.

Yes, in most cases we have reduced rates for children on the Tours, Experiences and Author Travel we offer, please ask for them when you make your booking.

If Tours are made for people with disabilities, within our Tours and Author’s Trips we can design and offer advice in Andalusia for the routes that are best suited in the field of Monuments, Experiences and Leisure.

Our aim is that our clients enjoy their visit to the full, so we provide any kind of recommendation that contributes to this so that they feel well looked after. We have a guide of recommendations available so that the traveller knows where to go and what to do at all times.

We also provide information about the places to visit, their elevation, intensity, distances and recommendations for footwear and clothing for the different tours. You can see it in the button of the Details of the Visits, Tours, Experiences and Circuits in Andalusia. available so that the traveller knows where to go and what to do at all times.


Door To Door Travel & Tours recommends that you take out travel insurance to cover certain risks that would otherwise not be covered (such as certain medical expenses, cancellations, theft/loss of luggage, etc.), all within the guarantees and coverage limits of the insurance in question.

Before contracting your trip we will send you travel insurance optionstogether with the particular and general conditions of these insurances so that you can decide whether you wish to contract them. For further information please contact: [email protected].

Once the travel contract has been made and the terms agreed between both parties, an initial reservation is paid as part of the contracted trip. The outstanding part will be paid according to our General Conditions of the Package Travel Contract, section A, point 5 (Payment Schedule).

Our tours and our guides are heritage interpreters, graduates and doctors in different academic subjects and specialists in a variety of fields including art history, archaeology, gastronomy, architecture, history and other university degrees. Upon request and subject to the availability of our guides, the tour can be conducted in the requested language.

Tipping is always an acknowledgement of a job well done, although at Door To Door Travel it is not compulsory. If asked, we recommend our clients to tip depending on the quality of the experience and their final judgement.

Our hashtag in RR.SS. @doortodoortravel, #doortodoortravel, don’t forget to mention us and rate our services, your opinion and suggestions to improve our services are very important to us.

Of course you will receive all kinds of offers and promotions related to the Tours, Experiences and Signature Trips that we offer in Andalusia in all seasons and especially coinciding with its most important festivals, celebrations and events.

In our dynamic work, we launch last minute promotions ranging from 10% to 30% discount on the booking of any of our products.

All credit cardinformation is stored remotely and has the security measures required by the PCI Security Standards Council for this type of banking. All sensitive information is transmitted to that provider via a secure connection with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate and an Address Verification System (AVS).

We do not share any customer information with anyone. The security certificate ensuresthat our customers’ data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Our agency is located in the city centre, Mesones Street-Square Cauchiles 4, Attic, 18001 Granada, we have been active since 2017, and we provide professionalism, knowledge and quality in our recommendations, apart from the fact that Andalusia is a safe destination in terms of health and sustainability in terms of resources and human resources. 

You can contact us through our email [email protected] or by calling/sending a WhatsApp to +34 683 122 370. You can also contact us through our social media channels, as we are active through them as well: Facebook or Instagram.

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